Advanced Integration between Windchill & Codebeamer

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Advanced Integration between Windchill & Codebeamer

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What to expect?
Introduction – Understand the fundamentals of OOTB Digital Product Traceability (DPT) and the Implementation strategy.
DPT Scenarios for Windchill & Codebeamer – An overview on different OOTB Traceability use cases between Windchill & Codebeamer. Gain insights on how the user can create the Traceability links between Windchill and Codebeamer.
Introduction to Arorian Custom solution for Advanced Integration between Windchill and Codebeamer (Arorian DPT Collaboration layer) – A deep dive into how our Arorian Collaboration layer enables advanced traceability between Windchill and Codebeamer to overcome the limitations of the OOTB integrations.

Solution use cases:
– Establish Trace link between Windchill MPMLink Process Plan Operation & Codebeamer requirements.
– Report of Traceability links available in Windchill server with a provision to enable and clear suspect flags.
– Q&A Session – Bring your most pressing questions for our experts to address.

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