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Mastering ALM Data Migration with AroMigrator:
From IBM DOORS NG and Windchill RV&S to Codebeamer


In the dynamic world of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), the ability to migrate data efficiently and accurately from one platform to another is crucial. As organizations evolve, so do their toolchains, necessitating seamless transitions that maintain data integrity and continuity. Arorian Technologies understands this challenge, which is why we’ve developed AroMigrator, our proprietary tool designed to simplify and streamline the ALM data migration process from IBM DOORS NG and Windchill RV&S to Codebeamer.

ALM Data Migration; AroMigrator

The Need for Effective ALM Data Migration

ALM tools are the backbone of many organizations’ development and operations processes. They manage everything from requirements and design to coding, testing, and release. Therefore, migrating data between these tools can be daunting due to the complexities involved—data must be transferred without loss or corruption, and the new system must correctly interpret and utilize this data.

IBM DOORS NG and Windchill RV&S are powerful ALM platforms widely used for managing complex systems and software development. However, as organizations adopt newer, more versatile tools like Codebeamer, a reliable migration solution becomes essential. This is where AroMigrator excels.

Data must be transferred without loss or corruption, and the new system must correctly interpret and utilize this data – this is where AroMigrator excels

Introducing AroMigrator: Your ALM Data Migration Solution

AroMigrator is engineered to handle the intricacies of ALM data migration, ensuring that all project artifacts—requirements, test cases, design documents, and more—are transferred with precision. Here’s how AroMigrator makes the migration process effortless:

1. Comprehensive Data Mapping: AroMigrator accurately maps data fields from IBM DOORS NG and Windchill RV&S to Codebeamer, preserving the relationships and dependencies crucial for maintaining data integrity.

2. Automated Migration Workflow: The tool automates the migration process, reducing the manual effort and the risk of human error. It handles large volumes of data efficiently, ensuring a swift transition.

3. Customizable Settings: Understanding that every organization has unique requirements, AroMigrator offers customizable settings to tailor the migration process to specific needs.

4. Integrity Checks and Validation: Before, during, and after the migration, AroMigrator performs rigorous checks to ensure data consistency and integrity, providing you with peace of mind that nothing is lost in translation.

More about AroMigrator

AroMigrator handles the heavy lifting, transferring all data while maintaining its structure and relationships

The ALM Data Migration Process with AroMigrator

1. Preparation: First, assess the scope of the migration, including the volume and types of data to be transferred.

2. Configuration: Next, set up AroMigrator with the necessary credentials and configure the mapping settings according to the source and target systems.

3. Execution: Then, initiate the automated migration process. AroMigrator handles the heavy lifting, transferring all data while maintaining its structure and relationships.

4. Validation: Finally, after the migration, validate the transferred data within Codebeamer to ensure completeness and accuracy.

See AroMigrator in Action

To help you understand the power and simplicity of AroMigrator, we’ve created a comprehensive demo video. This video showcases the tool’s capabilities, walks you through the migration process, and highlights how AroMigrator can be a game-changer for your organization’s ALM data migration needs.


Navigating the complexities of ALM data migration can be challenging, but with AroMigrator, you can transform this daunting task into a seamless and efficient process. By leveraging AroMigrator’s robust features, you ensure that your valuable data is migrated accurately and efficiently, enabling your organization to continue its operations without interruption.

Arorian Technologies is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and growth for our clients. With our deep expertise in ALM, PLM, and system integration, we ensure that our tools and services meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

By choosing AroMigrator, you are not just adopting a tool but partnering with a team dedicated to making your data migration seamless and successful. Transform your ALM ecosystem with confidence—let AroMigrator be the bridge to your next-generation ALM platform.

For more information on AroMigrator or to schedule a consultation, contact us. Together, we can master your ALM data migration and set the stage for your organization’s continued success.

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