Arorian joins Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering

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Arorian joins Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering (GfSE)

Accessing dynamic forums & insights, Arorian enhances its Systems Engineering expertise for client solutions

FRANKFURT | March 20, 2024

Arorian Strengthens Commitment to Innovation by Joining Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering e.V. (GfSE)

Arorian Technologies, a leading technology solutions provider, is proud to announce its membership in the esteemed Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering e.V. (GfSE). The GfSE is a distinguished German non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the field of Systems Engineering through fostering knowledge exchange, best practices development, and expert cultivation.

Systems Engineering plays a critical role in the development and enhancement of complex systems across various industries. By promoting standardization and advancing knowledge, the GfSE aims to elevate the quality of system development across different sectors.

As a member of GfSE, Arorian gains access to a dynamic forum where experts converge to discuss the latest advancements, share insights, and collaborate on innovative solutions. This membership underscores Arorian’s commitment to staying at the forefront of Systems Engineering practices and contributing to the advancement of the field.

“The decision to join Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering e.V. reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation in technology solutions”, said Manan Arora, CEO of Arorian Technologies. “We are excited to engage with fellow members and contribute to the collective expertise that drives progress
in Systems Engineering”.

The GfSE operates on three pillars:
1. Community Engagement: GfSE fosters a vibrant community where individuals, companies, and institutes come together to share knowledge and support the advancement of Systems Engineering.
2. Individual Contributions: Members actively contribute their expertise and resources to enrich the society and enhance its value proposition to the community.
3. Network Development: GfSE facilitates networking opportunities, enabling members to forge valuable connections and collaborations that drive innovation in Systems Engineering.

Arorian looks forward to leveraging its membership in GfSE to deepen its understanding of Systems Engineering principles, participate in collaborative initiatives, and deliver even greater value to its clients.

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Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering


Arorian is a global leader in providing digital solutions and services that drive transformation and growth for businesses across various industries. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Arorian delivers unparalleled value to its customers by harnessing the power of technology to solve complex challenges.

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