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PLM for an Automotive Thermal Solution Company

In a rapidly evolving industrial landscape, where innovation is the driving force, our client, a distinguished global presence in the realm of industrial machinery and automation, found themselves grappling with substantial challenges rooted in their Product Management.

The client is a leading full-line supplier in the automotive industry, specializing in thermal and energy management solutions for both electrified and conventional vehicles. Their extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

This case study is an expedition into the core challenges that our client confronted, the ingenious solutions that were meticulously crafted to surmount these formidable obstacles, and the remarkable outcomes that emerged from this collaborative journey. Within these pages, we uncover a narrative that showcases the profound impact of technology and strategic innovation, propelling industrial giants towards a future characterized by unparalleled data management efficiency and operational excellence.

Tackling Challenges Step by Step

The client faced several critical challenges in their product data management processes:

Manual Processes in Windchill RV&S

The existing data management processes in Windchill RV&S were largely manual and lacked efficiency. This manual handling of data led to delays and increased the risk of errors in product development.

Lack of Data Overview

There were issues with gaining a comprehensive overview of data across various systems and tools. This lack of transparency hindered decision-making and impacted efficiency.

Problems in Planning and Task Management

 The tools in use did not provide a user-friendly environment for planning and task management. This complexity made it challenging for teams to coordinate and execute tasks effectively, especially during reviews and audits.

Crafting Solutions for Complex Operational Challenges

To address these challenges, our team implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of Our client. We began with an in-depth consulting exercise to analyze and optimize the clients’ use of Windchill RV&S, identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and enhancing data management processes.

Additionally, we created customized reports and dashboards within Windchill to facilitate audit preparation, providing real-time visibility into critical data, ensuring compliance, and expediting the audit process.

To simplify and enhance task management, we introduced a custom tool known as the “List of Open Points.” This innovative tool revolutionized task management by offering a summary list of available tasks, empowering users to easily select, edit, modify, or create new tasks on the fly. The introduction of this intuitive interface significantly improved efficiency and collaboration among teams.

Unlocking Operational Transformation with Remarkable Results

Our solution delivered substantial benefits to our client, transforming their operational landscape and catalyzing remarkable improvements in various facets of their business

Streamlined Data Management: The consulting exercise and custom tools streamlined data management processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing data accuracy.

Improved Data Visibility: The customized reports and dashboards provided clear visibility into critical data, enabling better decision-making and ensuring compliance during audits.

Enhanced Task Management: The “List of Open Points” tool simplified task management, making it more efficient and user-friendly. This, in turn, improved task coordination and execution, particularly during reviews.

In conclusion, our comprehensive solution successfully addressed our clients’ challenges related to data management and task coordination. By optimizing Windchill RV&S, implementing custom tools, and enhancing data visibility, we empowered them to operate more efficiently and effectively in the competitive automotive industry.

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