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Implementing Global PLM for a Leading Elevator Manufacturer

In this case study, we delve into a compelling challenge faced by our client that required a strategic reevaluation of their PLM processes. We explore how our team collaborated closely with the client to identify key pain points, implement transformative solutions, and ultimately optimize their manufacturing operations. 

Our client is a leading manufacturer of elevators and escalators, based out of Germany, with engineering and manufacturing centers worldwide. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, our client is dedicated to providing cutting-edge vertical transportation solutions to its customers globally.

Tackling Challenges Step by Step

Our client faced two significant challenges that demanded expert solutions:

Implementation of PLM

Our client was in need of a seamless integration of Greenfield PLM into their already well-established Global PLM Environment, ensuring a harmonious alignment of these systems.

PLM Guidelines

Our client was steadfast in their commitment to upholding the most rigorous standards and directives within their product lifecycle management (PLM). They sought our assistance in implementing the comprehensive Global PLM guidelines to align with their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Solution: Transforming PLM Processes

In our quest to assist our client in optimizing their operations, we embarked on a journey that encompassed comprehensive PLM consulting and the implementation of advanced engineering and manufacturing processes.

PLM Consulting

Our journey began with a deep dive into our client’s existing Global PLM Template data model. We left no stone unturned as we meticulously examined every facet of their PLM framework. Drawing from our expertise, we proposed a visionary To-Be process that not only seamlessly integrated their specific elevator system but also ushered in a new era of efficiency across the entire PLM environment.

Engineering and Manufacturing Process Implementation

Delving further into our consulting exercise, we honed in on engineering and manufacturing processes. With precision and dedication, our team devised a robust strategy that employed cutting-edge solutions like PDMLink and MPMLink. These solutions empowered our client to elevate their product development and manufacturing operations, enabling them to reach new heights in innovation and efficiency.

Results of Our Consulting Services

Through our strategic guidance and expert consultancy, Arorian Technologies successfully empowered our client to implement a Greenfield PLM system, harmonizing it with their existing Global PLM Environment. Furthermore, our consulting exercises ensured that our client could uphold and align with the global PLM guidelines, reaffirming their commitment to delivering top-tier elevator and escalator solutions to customers worldwide. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to enabling businesses to thrive in complex digital landscapes.

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