Success Story – Enhancing Marine Design with Advanced Traceability Solutions

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Enhancing Marine Design with Advanced Traceability Solutions

Codebeamer and Windchill Integration using OSLC


Overcoming Traceability Hurdles in Marine Design

1. Bidirectional OSLC Functionality: The need for an extension of built-in OSLC functionality to work bi-directionally.
2. ThingWorx Connection Management: Handling numerous connections within the ThingWorx application proved to be complex.
3. External Application Suspect Flag Handling: Managing suspect flags in an external application was cumbersome and inefficient.


Tailored OSLC Service for Codebeamer and Windchill Integration for Enhanced Traceabilit

Arorian stepped in with a tailored solution to address these challenges. Arorian’s approach included:

1. Custom OSLC Service Development: Created a custom OSLC service that established a connection with Magic Draw, ensuring the required data was accessible and integrated. 2. Traceability Enhancement:
• Extended the OSLC functionality to enable bi-directional operation, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive traceability system.
• Developed a method to handle multiple connections efficiently within the ThingWorx app, streamlining the data flow and interaction.
3. Suspect Flag Management: Implemented a system to effectively manage suspect flags within the external application, allowing for better traceability and project integrity.


Revolutionized Project Management with Custom OSLC Solutions

The custom OSLC service integration POC showed to significant improvements in project traceability and management for the Marine Design & Consulting firm:

• Enhanced Project Oversight: With bi-directional traceability, stakeholders could track changes and dependencies more accurately.
• Streamlined Processes: The efficient handling of connections and suspect flags within ThingWorx and external applications saved time and reduced errors.
• Improved Tool Integration: The custom service bridged the gap between the OSLC server and other tools, enhancing the firm’s existing investment in project management tools.

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