Was ist PLM?

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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Ensure that product data is both accessible and reliable by offering the necessary context, security, traceability, and processes across all enterprise teams and systems.

Was ist PLM?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software helps different teams work together by sharing up-to-date product information. It’s crucial for managing a product’s life from start to finish, improving flexibility and organization. This helps businesses reduce costs, speed up product launches, and ensure quality.

PTC’s applications make it easier for businesses to connect PLM systems with other technologies like ERP, MES, CAD, AR, and IoT. This integration streamlines operations and opens up new opportunities for saving money and increasing revenue.

PLM for Manufacturers of Discrete Products

For manufacturers who make distinct, separate products, a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system is key. It starts in the engineering department, where data about mechanical and electronic parts, as well as software, gets linked. This includes everything from requirements and tests to certifications, parts lists, manufacturing plans, and system engineering. This data needs to be shared both ways among different teams like service, manufacturing, IT, and quality control.

Having a PLM system means you lay the groundwork for the digital thread, a way to keep all the important data connected. It ensures that everyone who needs this information can get it in real-time, exactly when they need it.

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