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Elevate Product Lifecycle Management with Windchill+

Redefining Global Collaboration 

PTC redefined product development collaboration across teams and
geographies with Windchill, the first web-based enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. Manufacturers enjoyed unprecedented connectivity and integration, out-of-the-box functionality, an optimized user experience, and the potential to enable collaboration across global teams.

Introducing Windchill+: The Future of SaaS PLM Innovation

Now PTC is revolutionizing collaboration again with Windchill+, SaaS PLM that delivers an even faster ROI today, while laying the foundation for future innovation. Windchill+ marks the first release as part of PTC’s initiative to combine the functionality of best-in-class software with the benefits of a
modern SaaS architecture and delivery model. This SaaS strategy has a force multiplier effect on the digital transformation power of PTC’s entire portfolio of CAD, AR, IoT, and PLM.

What’s new in Windchill+

Windchill capability

100% of the capability available from Windchill on-premises with customizable
workflows, change management processes, bills of materials management,
plus more


Ability to securely scale up when you need it and scale down when you don’t,
with workload management and orchestration

Easy onboarding

Windchill+ offers a frictionless ability to expand new users and modules, ensuring that your organization can easily onboard new team members and integrate additional functionalities

Built-in automation

Built-in automation, including:
• Build and deploy
• Re-host
• Snapshot and restore
• Always on the latest version – no notion of downtime to upgrade

The Windchill+ effect on your

Frictionless expansion of PLM capabilities & group

Windchill+ streamlines PLM expansion, empowering IT to quickly meet business demands by adding new functions, enabling advanced capabilities, and securely onboarding external users.

Powerful, ubiquitous performance

PTC’s SaaS PLM ensures improved system performance with full-stack support, SLAs, and a seamless user experience, delivering higher capacity and scalability for accelerated workflows and real-time collaboration.

Built-in, full stack security

Windchill+ offers comprehensive, up-to-date, and integrated security, encompassing certifications, compliance, audits, penetration testing, and environmental scanning, ensuring robust protection for IT infrastructure and intellectual property assets.

Optimized IT support effort and costs

Windchill+ streamlines operations and reduces costs by bundling maintenance, automating administrative tasks, and offering seamless third-party software integration.

Fully supported transition to the cloud

Windchill+ is suitable for both new PLM adopters and existing Windchill users, offering a seamless transition from on-premises to SaaS-based PLM when the time is right for your business, supported by PTC’s streamlined implementation process.

SaaS Transition – Windchill to Windchill+


— Get insight from your

— Determine adherence to                    published guidelines

— Define the best path forward:
    convert now, or prepare for a
    future conversion


— Export all Data and                             configuration to PTC Island

— Standardization of                              customizations, integrations            and upgrade WC+ target version

— Validation and Go Live


— Regular updates

— Feature optimization

— Windchill Plus only innovation

 Success Stories

Dive into our curated collection of industry case studies and discover the inspiring stories of businesses that have achieved remarkable success with our solutions.

ALM for Medical Device Company

In a partnership forged to navigate complex digital landscapes, we teamed up with a global titan in the life sciences sector.

PLM for a German Industrial Machine Manufacturing Company

Move to a SaaS based PLM solution, Windchill+

PLM for Automotive parts Manufacturer

Implemented agile development process and the Windchill Infrastructure

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