Success Story: Seamless Migration from DOORS NG to Codebeamer with AroMigrator

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Seamless Migration from DOORS NG to Codebeamer with AroMigrator

Discover how AroMigrator can enable a seamless migration of 30 million items from DOORS NG to Codebeamer, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime


Addressing Complex Migration Needs from DOORS NG to Codebeamer

The customer, a leading player in the consumer electronics industry with 61,000 employees, faced the daunting task of migrating approximately 30 million items from IBM DOORS NG to Codebeamer. The absence of a consistent and automated migration process posed significant risks, including potential data integrity issues and operational downtime. Ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting ongoing operations was a critical challenge that required a robust and reliable solution.


Proof of Concept with AroMigrator (from DOORS NG to Codebeamer)

To tackle this challenge, Arorian Technologies demonstrated the capabilities of AroMigrator through a Proof of Concept (POC):

1. Proof of Concept (POC) for Automation:
• Conducted a POC to showcase the feasibility and effectiveness of automating the migration process.
• Adopted an incremental migration approach during the POC to highlight how minimal downtime could be achieved, ensuring client operations continued smoothly.

2. Data Integrity and Performance:
• Demonstrated how AroMigrator ensures data integrity and high performance through detailed reporting.
• Showcased the tool’s ability to efficiently handle large data volumes.

3. Customizable Data Transformation:
• Highlighted AroMigrator’s customizable data transformation capabilities, which can adapt to the client’s specific needs.
• Showed how data can be optimized for use in Codebeamer, ensuring it met operational requirements.


Successful Demonstration and Implementation: DOORS NG to Codebeamer

The POC successfully demonstrated the potential of AroMigrator, confirming the effectiveness of the automated process and providing confidence in its ability to handle the migration of 30 million items. The incremental approach ensured minimal downtime, showing how client operations could continue without significant interruptions during the full-scale migration. Detailed reporting and efficient data handling maintained high performance and data integrity, while customizable data transformation showed how data could be optimized for Codebeamer. This successful demonstration led to a clear and reliable roadmap for the full migration project.


Delivering Value and Advantages: Migration from DOORS NG to Codebeamer

The successful POC and subsequent implementation planning delivered several key benefits to the customer:

1. Reduced Time and Effort:
• The automated process significantly reduced the time and effort required for the full migration, as demonstrated by the POC.
• Minimized disruptions and maintained business continuity.

2. Smooth Operations:
• The incremental approach ensured that operations would remain smooth during the full-scale migration, with no significant downtime affecting productivity.

3. Reliable and Optimized Data:
• High performance and data integrity during the POC ensured that the migrated data would be reliable.
• Customizable data transformation tailored the process to the client’s needs, optimizing the data for its new environment.

Overall, the POC with AroMigrator provided a clear and reliable roadmap for the full migration project, enhancing the client’s operational efficiency and positioning them for future growth and success in their domain.









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