PTC Windchill Process Consulting

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PTC Windchill Process Consulting

We help organizations manage and collaborate on product development activities in PTC Windchill, such as product data management, engineering change management, and supply chain management.

We also support PTC Windchill integrations with other systems, such as CAD and ERP software, to provide a comprehensive view of the product development process. Some of the Windchill key processes we work on with our customers are:

  • Product data management: Allowing users to store, manage, and share product data, such as CAD models, drawings, and specifications, throughout the product development process.
  • Engineering change management: Managing changes to product data and ensuring that changes are properly documented and approved.
  • Supply chain management: Allowing users to manage relationships with suppliers, track supplier performance, and share product data with suppliers.
  • Project management: Managing product development projects, including task tracking, resource management, and project collaboration.
  • Quality management: Tracking quality issues, managing non-conformance reports, and conducting root cause analysis.
  • Compliance management: Managing compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as regulatory compliance tracking and reporting.


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