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Welcome to Arorian Technologies, where IT Consulting is not just a job, it’s a journey of innovation and excellence. Let’s dive into the heartbeat of our culture and community.

Arorian Team Event @Dubai

After many virtual meetings we finally met each other and this had to be a special occasion, so we chose Dubai as our event location🙂

It was not an easy task to plan the event where every single individual, who is part of the Arorian Team, has been invited to join and celebrate the company’s continuing success over the last years.

What started as a one man show has now become a strong Arorian team of 49 members across 4 countries. We would like to thank each and every member of the Arorian Team for their commitment, trust and hard work.

Team events are not just for some chosen individuals, it is the team effort that is responsible for a company‘s success and that is why we invited every individual, independent of their role, to be part of our special team event in Dubai.

Arorian Culture

Arorian has a young and dynamic work culture, which makes it an exciting place to work.

Arorian provides its employees with state-of-the-art Apple and Windows equipment, which allows them to perform their job efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the workplace also features a billiard table in the office for employees to play during their free time. This not only helps employees unwind and relax but also encourages social interaction and team building. In addition to billiards, the office also has darts for employees to play and have fun during breaks.

The amazing work culture at Arorian is something that sets us apart from others. Employees are treated with respect and given opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. The company promotes a work-life balance, and employees are encouraged to take time off when needed.

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