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Arorian Consulting, in collaboration with our dedicated R&D team, has created a range of plug-and-play PLM and ALM products rooted in industry best practices, delivering substantial value to numerous satisfied clients.


Real-Time ALM Dashboard

Streamline your application development process and enhance the quality of your releases with our comprehensive ALM dashboard.

Arorian ALM-Dashboard provides real-time insights into your test management, release quality, traceability, and defect management, giving you full visibility and control over your development process.

Arorian ALM-Dashboard consists of four modules:

1. Release Quality Module – helps stakeholders assess the readiness of the application for release and identify areas that require improvement.

2. Test Management Module – allows teams to manage test plans, test cases, and test execution. This module can track testing progress and provide insight into the overall quality of the application being tested.

3. Traceability Module – provides a visual representation of the relationships between various artifacts in the development process, such as requirements, tests, and defects.

4. Defect Management Module – allows teams to manage defects found during testing or reported by end-users. This module can track the status of defects and provide insight into the severity and impact of each defect on the overall quality of the application.

Document Subscription

Stay in the loop with our subscription Tool – Get a summary of all document changes delivered straight to your inbox. Presenting “Arorian – Document Subscription” with many configurable features.

1. Stay updated: When you subscribe to a document, you will receive regular updates about any important changes made to it. This is especially important if the document is frequently updated or if it contains critical information that you need to stay on top of.

2. Save time: Instead of having to check a document regularly for updates, subscribing to it allows you to receive automatic notifications when changes are made. This can save you time and hassle, and ensure that you are always aware of the latest information.

3. Improve collaboration: If you are working on a document with a team, subscribing to it can help ensure that everyone is on the same page. By receiving updates about changes, you can collaborate more effectively and avoid any miscommunication or confusion.

4. Make it yours: Create your own Email layout to be used for subscription and configure all the important information you want to send through the email to all the subscribed users.

Overall, subscription functionality on documents can help you stay organized, save time, and improve collaboration, making it a valuable tool for many different types of users.

Find and Replace

Take the Pain out of Editing – Our Find and Replace Tool Makes Text replacement a Breeze. Presenting “Arorian – Find and Replace” packed with a ton of features:

1. Search and replace functionality: Allows you to search for a specific word, phrase, or pattern in any text field, and replace it with another word, phrase, or pattern across multiple documents and items.

2. Batch processing: Process multiple files or instances of text at once, saving you time and effort.

3. Regular expression support: Uses regular expressions to perform more complex search and replace operations in the background.

4. Preview mode: Preview the changes that will be made before you commit to them, so you can ensure that the results are what you want.

5. Case sensitivity: Allows you to specify whether the search should be case-sensitive or not.

6. Customizable settings: Customize various settings, such as the fields to search, and more.

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