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In May 2022, PTC completed the acquisition of Intland Software. Intland Software is renowned for its Codebeamer family of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software, including a cloud-enabled, next-generation, fully integrated solution.
Codebeamer serves as an advanced ALM platform for both product and software development. It enhances ALM with its product line configuration features and exceptional adaptability for intricate processes. This platform also presents digital workflows to enhance efficiency in collaborative development and offers robust support for regulatory compliance. Furthermore, Codebeamer ALM Software seamlessly integrates with other PTC products, facilitating connectivity to the engineering digital thread.

Key Features of Codebeamer ALM Software

Requirements Management

Engineers seeking traceability, transparency, and streamlined collaboration in requirements management can rely on Codebeamer. With Codebeamer, you can easily identify, manage, and track requirements, epics, and user stories throughout the entire software engineering lifecycle.

Software Risk Management

Incorporate software risk management seamlessly into your software development lifecycle to ensure the safety and reliability of your products. Efficiently analyze and document risk-related activities to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Test Management

For quality teams striving to instill confidence in their software solutions through rigorous testing, Codebeamer is the tool of choice. By leveraging Codebeamer, you can effectively reduce quality-related expenses and transform your dedication to product quality into tangible results.

Product Variability Management

For development teams aiming to optimize product line engineering processes, Codebeamer is the solution. It helps minimize rework, accelerate release cycles, and decrease product verification expenses. With Codebeamer, you can tailor the ideal product variant for specific markets, enhancing your overall efficiency.


For DevOps teams seeking enhanced alignment and streamlined product delivery, Codebeamer offers a robust solution. It comes equipped with built-in integrations and efficient data sharing capabilities, minimizing the often-overlooked expenses associated with third-party integrations and IT services.

Software Development

For software teams and managers committed to instilling quality in their technology products, Codebeamer provides a holistic integration that breaks down silos. It offers comprehensive traceability, connecting requirements, code, testing, and release processes seamlessly.

Benefits of Codebeamer ALM Software

Codebeamer serves as a comprehensive software lifecycle management solution, encompassing all-in-one capabilities for requirements, risk, and test management. 


Codebeamer boasts an intuitive and contemporary user interface, ensuring an exceptional user experience. It seamlessly integrates with state-of-the-art software engineering toolchains, making it a preferred choice for development teams seeking to upgrade from their legacy toolchains.


Connect your fragmented software engineering tool environment with a central development platform through out-of-the-box and standards-based integrations. Reduce hidden costs and the tedious manual work of creating integrations.


Efficiently coordinate Agile development by utilizing a suite of tools within Codebeamer. Plan, track, and manage your projects seamlessly using features like the planner, kanban, cardbord, cashbord, backlog, and release system. Additionally, Codebeamer empowers you to orchestrate and oversee CI/CD pipelines, including integrations with platforms such as Jenkins and Azure Pipeline, ensuring a well-controlled development process.


Achieve comprehensive end-to-end traceability across the entire software engineering lifecycle, starting from the requirements phase and extending through testing and release, with Codebeamer. This centralized data repository ensures seamless traceability across all work items. Moreover, Codebeamer seamlessly integrates with the PTC engineering digital thread, further enhancing traceability and connectivity across your development processes.


Implement robust strategic reuse, modular design, and product line engineering by adopting a system-of-systems approach that encompasses requirements, design, tests, and software, while also ensuring the inclusion of comprehensive traceability throughout the entire process.


Quickly kickstart your initiatives with readily available templates, enabling you to get started promptly. Customize these templates to align with your specific requirements, allowing you to concentrate on delivering value right from the outset.

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