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Elevate Product Lifecycle Management with Windchill+


Windchill+ Implementation Overview

Windchill+ represents a groundbreaking advancement in product lifecycle management (PLM) collaboration, pioneered by PTC. With its seamless integration, customizable workflows, and enhanced scalability, Windchill+ offers a comprehensive solution for organizations aiming to streamline their PLM processes. Its robust automation capabilities, including build and deploy functions and seamless upgrades, ensure uninterrupted operations and increased efficiency. Additionally, Windchill+ provides a frictionless onboarding experience for new users and modules, facilitating rapid integration of advanced functionalities.

By partnering with Arorian as their Windchill+ implementation partner, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation journey and unlock the full potential of PLM innovation

Why Windchill+?

Windchill capability

100% of the capability available from Windchill on-premises with customizable workflows, change management processes, bills of materials management,
plus more


Ability to securely scale up when you need it and scale down when you don’t, with workload management and orchestration

Easy onboarding

Windchill+ offers a frictionless ability to expand new users and modules, ensuring that your organization can easily onboard new team members and integrate additional functionalities

Built-in automation

Built-in automation, including:
• Build and deploy
• Re-host
• Snapshot and restore
• Always on the latest version – no notion of downtime to upgrade

The Windchill+ effect on your

Frictionless expansion of PLM capabilities & group

Windchill+ streamlines PLM expansion, empowering IT to quickly meet business demands by adding new functions, enabling advanced capabilities, and securely onboarding external users

Powerful, ubiquitous performance

PTC’s SaaS PLM ensures improved system performance with full-stack support, SLAs, and a seamless user experience, delivering higher capacity and scalability for accelerated workflows and real-time collaboration

Built-in, full stack security

Windchill+ offers comprehensive, up-to-date, and integrated security, encompassing certifications, compliance, audits, penetration testing, and environmental scanning, ensuring robust protection for IT infrastructure and intellectual property assets

Optimized IT support effort and costs

Windchill+ streamlines operations and reduces costs by bundling maintenance, automating administrative tasks, and offering seamless third-party software integration

Fully supported transition to the cloud

Windchill+ is suitable for both new PLM adopters and existing Windchill users, offering a seamless transition from on-premises to SaaS-based PLM when the time is right for your business, supported by PTC’s streamlined implementation process

Arorian as PTC Windchill+ Implementation Partner

Deep Industry Knowledge

Arorian brings a deep understanding of industry best practices and regulatory requirements, enabling tailored solutions that address specific business needs and challenges

Technical Expertise

With a team of highly skilled engineers and consultants, Arorian offers technical expertise in configuring, customizing, and integrating Windchill+ with existing systems and processes

Proven Methodology

Arorian follows a proven methodology for Windchill+ implementation, ensuring a structured approach and delivering results on time and within budget

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Arorian provides ongoing support and optimization services to help organizations continuously improve and evolve their Windchill+ environment, maximizing ROI and driving long-term success

PTC Windchill+ Implementation Partner

As a trusted PTC partner, Arorian brings extensive experience and expertise in implementing Windchill+ solutions for organizations across industries. With a proven track record of delivering successful PLM implementations, Arorian offers end-to-end services to help organizations maximize the value of Windchill+

Key steps in the Windchill+ implementation process include:

Assessment and Planning

A thorough analysis of current processes, systems, and requirements to identify opportunities and challenges. This stage involves stakeholder engagement and alignment to establish clear objectives and success criteria

Configuration and Customization

Tailoring Windchill+ to meet specific business needs through configuration and customization. This phase involves defining workflows, data structures, and user interfaces to optimize functionality and usability

Data Migration and Integration

Seamless migration of existing data and integration with other systems to ensure data integrity and interoperability. This stage includes data cleansing, mapping, and validation to facilitate a smooth transition

Training and Change Management

Equipping users with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Windchill+ through comprehensive training and change management initiatives. This phase focuses on fostering user adoption and driving organizational change

Deployment and Go-Live

The final stage involves deploying Windchill+ into production and transitioning to live operations. This includes rigorous testing, validation, and optimization to ensure a successful go-live and minimal disruption to business operations

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