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In today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape, the need for real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and intensified collaboration is more critical than ever before. PTC Windchill is at the forefront of reshaping the realm of product development. It accomplishes this by providing secure and user-friendly data access to teams across diverse disciplines and geographical locations. Windchill places a robust emphasis on quality-centric processes and fully embraces a data-driven approach to manufacturing.

PTC Windchill: Your Path to Success

PTC Windchill stands as a well-established, readily deployable solution crafted by industry leaders at PTC. Harnessing the power of this PLM software empowers you to efficiently oversee and collaborate on every facet of product development. It excels in performance, enabling you to shift your focus from multitasking to tasks centered around product delivery.
PTC envisions a future where every manufacturer possesses a comprehensive solution to meet all their research and development (R&D) requirements.

Key Features of Windchill PLM Application suite

Expert packages

Enhancing PDM and PLM Capabilities for Experienced Users Across Base, Advanced, and Premium Packages tailored to optimize Organizational Requirements.

Role and Industry Add-ons

PLM applications adhering to industry standards that empower functional experts to harness associated product data within the context of their respective roles and industries.

Non expert packages

Applications designed based on roles and tasks for non-expert users, facilitating the viewing and interaction with product data within the context of their system through ThingWorx Navigate.

Visualization, Validation and Review

Enable users to access, annotate, engage with, and collaborate on diverse digital product data in 2D, 3D, and augmented reality formats.

Enterpise System Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) functionalities designed to seamlessly integrate PTC’s product lifecycle management software with the suite of services.


Additional functionality and features that can be added to PTC’s PLM Windchill Application.

What’s new in Windchill 13?

Since its initial launch in 1999, PTC Windchill has undergone numerous releases, incorporating various feature enhancements. The most recent release, Windchill 13, focuses on bolstering interoperability, performance, scalability, platform compatibility, and process integration, all aimed at establishing a seamless digital thread encompassing product components, materials, and configuration data.


Windchill PLM Solutions

Discover a Range of Tailored Solutions from PTC Windchill to Meet Your Unique Business Needs.






Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories

Dive into our curated collection of industry case studies and discover the inspiring stories of businesses that have achieved remarkable success with our solutions.

ALM for Medical Device Company

In a partnership forged to navigate complex digital landscapes, we teamed up with a global titan in the life sciences sector.

PLM for a German Industrial Machine Manufacturing Company

Move to a SaaS based PLM solution, Windchill+

PLM for Automotive parts Manufacturer

Implemented agile development process and the Windchill Infrastructure

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