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ALM innovation: Codebeamer 2.1

We are thrilled to announce
the launch of the latest iteration
in ALM innovation:
Codebeamer 2.1!

Packed with significant upgrades and new features, Codebeamer 2.1 marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Codebeamer 2.1

🌐 What’s New in Codebeamer 2.1?

Enhanced Templates: Experience the power of Deploy Template Trackers for consistent, on-demand project updates, and utilize the Configuration API for efficient project initiation.
Advanced Merge Options: Discover streamlined merging with filtered, incremental, and bulk-merge options, perfect for highly modified Working Sets.
ReqIF Improvements: Enjoy greater flexibility with the ability to import into existing Working Sets and perform imports as a non-admin user.
API Capabilities: Leverage new API features for secure collaboration and DRM encryption/decryption, supporting a range of file formats.
MATLAB Simulink Integration: Achieve higher quality and reduced compliance costs with bi-directional linking and test result publishing.
Expanded OSLC Capabilities: Create and view OSLC Links from various item types like Risk, Epic, User Story, and Component.

📈 Not Just Features, But Performance!

Scalability for the Future: Ready for up to 4000 concurrent users with improved database performance and rapid response times.
Performance Enhancements: Faster baseline comparison, mass suspect handling, loading reviews, test coverage, and more.

💡Why This Matters?

Codebeamer 2.1 is not just an update – it’s a transformation. It’s designed to bridge gaps in the digital thread, enhance traceability, and comply with regulatory standards effortlessly. This release propels ALM into a new era, offering unparalleled scalability, performance, and flexibility.

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Join us in embracing the future of ALM with Codebeamer 2.1. Explore the possibilities and how it can revolutionize your development process.

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